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The Fresno County Trauma-Informed Network of Care, led by the Fresno Community Health Improvement Partnership and Saint Agnes Medical Center, represents a network of multi-sector agencies with a united priority to establish a network of evidence-based buffering resources that help prevent, treat, and heal the harmful consequences of toxic stress. The ACEs Aware Initiative is funded by the Department of Health Care Services and the Office of the California Surgeon General.

Screening for ACES and referring patients to resources through Community Health Workers can help reduce adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress

The adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) Aware Initiative awarded a grant to the Fresno County Trauma-Informed Network of Care cohort. The grant will be used to:

  • Implement a seamless screening, referral and response process to support families who are at risk of experiencing negative mental and physical health outcomes that stem from traumatic life events.
  • Support forming a strong network of care where  patients are able toaccess one of the key services beyond the doctor’s office.
  • Have community health workers be the link between the patient, thedoctor’s office, and community-based resources to ensure closed-loop referrals.

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Complete the ACES Aware Certified Training to Receive Medi-Cal Payment

Providers who attest to completing the ACEs Aware certified training canreceive Medi‐Cal payment for conducting ACEs screenings. Follow the stepsbelow:

  1. Visit the ACEs Aware website at The training lasts two hours. It covers trauma‐informed care, how to use the Pediatric ACEs Screening and Related Life‐events Screener (PEARLS) tool and the ACEs questionnaire.
  2. Click here to completethe attestation form

You may receive 2.0 Continuing Medical Education (CME) and 2.0 Maintenanceof Certification (MOC) credits upon completion.

Visit the Fresno County Trauma-Informed Network of Care Webpage

Be part of the Network of Care for ACEs

If you are interested in screening for ACEs and referring patients to community health workers to help clients become connected to community resources:

  • Schedule an Network of Care Orientation

Click the button below to download the Community Health Worker Referral Form.

No-cost resources to help you become trauma-informed

In the podcast, Delusional Optimism with Dr. B, Dr. Kristin Beasley explains how trauma from the past influence long-term physical and mental health and give us the tools we need to overcome adversity and change our life’s path. Listen today:

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