This FCHIP workgroup mobilizes partner organizations committed to significantly increasing healthy food access and consumption. Together the partners are integrating food security solutions through the following:

  • Food recovery, production, and distribution systems
  • Food system participant organizational capacity building
  • Neighborhood connections
  • Communication and marketing
  • Coordinated local food data and policy analysis

A current focus for the partners is spearheading the Fresno Food Policy Council, a diverse group of stakeholders from all areas of the local food system to work towards food justice and equity through policy and organizing.


Amber Donat

Project Coordinator

Fresno Metro Ministry

Chris DeLeon

Community Gardens Manager

Fresno Metro Ministry


 A common desire to make our communities trauma-informed for the purpose of building resilience in our youth, families, neighborhoods and county brings together this collection of institutions, school districts, community-based organizations and businesses.

The current priority for this workgroup is to develop a trauma-informed Network of Care in Fresno County.

A Trauma-Informed Network of Care is a group of interdisciplinary health, education, and human service professionals and community members and organizations that support adults, children, and families by providing access to evidence- based “buffering” resources and supports that help to prevent, treat, and heal the harmful consequences of toxic stress.

For more information, go to this link: California’s ACEs Aware Initiative Awards $30.8 Million in Grant Funds to Strengthen Trauma-Informed Networks of Care.


Belinda Diaz

FCHIP, Network of Care Administrator

Artie Padilla

Sr. Program Officer

Central Valley Community Foundation


The Fresno Diabetes Collaborative increases awareness and access to local resources for the prevention and treatment of prediabetes and diabetes. The workgroup engages residents, neighborhood-based organizations, healthcare providers, public health, clinics, health educators and health plans. Check out the website to view more information:


Tony Gonzalez

Health Promotion Specialist

CalViva Health


Click here to see the 8 Priorities document from the Community Health Needs Assessment

The community health needs assessment was crafted to reach underserved and vulnerable populations, understand their needs, develop priority areas of focus for the region, and establish the foundation for a sustainable Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) in Fresno County. A primary goal of the health needs assessment was to understand Fresno County’s health needs from the perspective of community residents, multi-sector key informants and stakeholders. By achieving this goal, we built the foundation for developing future partnerships across sectors to address common priority areas.

Sue Kincaid

Program Director


Current status: On hold during COVID-19.

The Land Use and Planning workgroup provides health data that assists with policy development and resource allocation tools to empower community members and decision makers to align land use and planning decisions while strategically addressing health disparities within Fresno County.

Click here to view the Health Priority Index.

Learn how the FCHIP Health Priority Index Impacts Local Policy


Joe Prado

Community Health Division Manager

Fresno County Department of Public Health

(559) 600-6340


The Central Valley Health Policy Institute is partnering with FCHIP to provide technical assistance to each of our workgroups to define measurable outcomes and to create and implement data tracking tools.

Susan Kincaid
​Program Director
Fresno Community Health
Improvement Partnership (FCHIP)
(559) 485-1416 x123