Fresno can be a place where all people, neighborhoods, and communities thrive.

Good health is essential for our children to reach their full potential, for our workforce to be productive and for the future prosperity of our region. There are many factors that contribute to overall health and by working together we can make it better right here in our Valley.

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Today, January 10th, is National Clean Your Desk Day!

This day is all about preparing your workspace for the new year and beginning things on the right note.

Here's to taking a little bit of time to clean and feel organized and ready for the week!


As we head into the week, let's focus on these important words.

"The single most important thing we need today is the courage to look this problem in the face and say: This is real. This is all of us." -@DrBurkeHarris

Slowing the spread starts with knowing if you’re infected. COVID-19 tests help us stay on top of our health and prevent others from being exposed. Test before and after traveling and gathering to stop the virus and its variants.

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