Fresno can be a place where all people, neighborhoods, and communities thrive.

Good health is essential for our children to reach their full potential, for our workforce to be productive and for the future prosperity of our region. There are many factors that contribute to overall health and by working together we can make it better right here in our Valley.

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If you have experienced increased symptoms of anxiety, depression or urge to use substances during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. Services are still available. For services or questions, please call the Fresno County Behavioral Health Access Line at 1-800-654-3937.

We celebrate #AsianandPacificIslanderAmerican Heritage Month & take joy in the legacies & contributions they have given to our Golden State. And, we stand with them every day against the recent rise of hate crimes they've faced. We are stronger when we are united.@APILegCaucus

ENP has been working with local residents to highlight this intersection and also just awarded a grant in partnership with @UCBSafeTREC to continue to build the case that this needs to be prioritized. Let’s keep the focus here!

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