TOGETHER, we are building a culture of health

in Fresno County where there

 are fair opportunities for everyone 
to achieve optimal health and well-being

Collective Impact 

The well-being and health outcomes of individuals and families are impacted by the economy, education,

public safety, healthcare, and the environment.  Therefore, everyone is needed at the table, including

partners from health care, community benefit organizations, education, businesses, 

the faith community, government agencies, and policy makers. 


       Our Values 

        Collaboration: The talent and commitment of diverse partners are critical to improving public health. 

        Inclusiveness: Every person, organization, and sector, has a role in the stewardship of health and well-being.

        Best PracticesOur efforts will be driven by data, the unique needs of our community, empathy, and continuous improvement.

        Outcomes: Systems we create, or those we work to strengthen, must be easy to access and even easier to navigate. 

        Environmental Sustainability: We strive for improvements in health that preserve or enhance the quality of our environment. 

        Trauma-Informed Care
: We commit to learn more about and embrace a "trauma-informed" approach to our community health. 

: Institutions and Leaders are accountable to prioritize health. 


What Does a healthy community Look like?

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 A healthy community is a place that is/has:

  • Free of disparities
  • An engaged community
  • A community-centered, coordinated, integrated focus on health, healthful choices, physical and mental health care, and wellness/prevention
  • Working systems to control and improve air/water pollution
  • Safe and clean neighborhoods
  • Strong early education and career readiness
  • Culturally competent healthcare conversations, understandings, and interpretations
  • Economic prosperity for all
  • Systems designed with the “consumer” in mind
  • Land use
  • Strong families with strong social and community support​