Community Engagement 

-  Provides the benchmark of state and national best practices in community engagement

-  Engage network partners and community practitioners in learning and assessing: 

        a. Local and regional community engagement efforts

   b. State and national best practices

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Keith Bergthold

Executive Director

Fresno Metro Ministry

(559) 485-1416 x101

​Kevin Hamilton 

Executive Director/CEO

Central California Asthma Collaborative

(559) 272-4874


Susan Kincaid

​Program Director

Fresno Community Health

Improvement Partnership (FCHIP)

(559) 485-1416 x123

Land Use & Planning

Created a policy development and resource allocation tool to empower community members and decision makers to use to make strategic healthy improvements. We are currently working on an analysis of the impact of urban and regional growth and development policies as determinants of health. 

Click here to view the Health Priority Index.

Download the HPI Fact Sheet, to learn more.

Health Literacy & Empowerment 

Educates individuals about how to achieve

and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Currently, we

are working to increase the use of preventative healthcare services by young adults ages, 18-24.  

Diabetes Collaborative

Increases awareness and access to local resources for the prevention and treatment of prediabetes and diabetes. We engage residents, neighborhood-based organizations, healthcare providers, public health, clinics, health educators and health plans.  Check out our website to view more information:


Ivonne Der Torosian

Director of Community Benefit & Outreach

Saint Agnes Medical Center

(559) 450-5222

David Luchini
Fresno County Department of Public Health


Artie Padilla

Executive Director

Every Neighborhood Partnership

(559) 250-6860


Cynthia Sapien-Rocha

Youth Leadership Institute

(559) 255-3300 /

Contact Us: 

Keith Bergthold

Executive Director

Fresno Metro Ministry

(559) 485-1416 x101


Contact Us: 

Alma Martinez

Community Medical Centers

(559) 324-6826

Simran Kaur, MPH

​Community Health Specialist


Joe Prado

Fresno County Dept. of Public Health

(559) 600-6340

Data and Metrics 

This group will work with each o the FCHIP Workgroups to identify impactful outcome measurements using data that is reliable and accessible.

Fresno Food Security Network

Mobilizes organizations committed to significantly increasing healthy food

access and consumption. We work to

integrate food insecurity solutions through coordinated local food data and policy

analysis, food production, food system participant organizational capacity building,neighborhood connections, and

communication and marketing.

Fresno County Trauma & Resilience Network

Gathers sector leaders, facilitate conversations, and listen and learn from our community on how trauma affects individuals, families, and neighborhoods before we lead in our work.

Fresno County Tobacco-Free Coalition 

The Fresno County Tobacco-Free Coalition is a recent addition to the FCHIP network and is currently working on determining strategies and outcomes.